Zoho Notebook Is a Simple Note-Taking App for Android, iPhone and Mac Devices

There is no barrier to choose note apps, you may find and knock out some heavy things like Microsoft’s OneNote, Google Keep, Evernote and more. The Zoho Notebook app will follow the same footpath what Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote giving out, but if you get inside the app the idea comes totally different. You should try on your device.

The cloud-based note app offering you a set of volume that retaining you a total user experience for note taking app users. Through this you can design multiple notebooks, and each it comes with full power packed design. You have a choice to pick from your camera machine or use as a default. Every single notebooks were secured with passwords and finds you Touch ID.

With Zoho Notebook, you can make a variety of cards. From text cards to audio, checklist, photo, and sketch cards has have been written through on hands. Each of them, it comes from the tab bar available at the bottom of the app. Even, you can bring the customization for the background color of the note. You can share notes with friends through from the iMessage which makes you much easier. And also you can operate from your handwirst through the Apple Watch. This notebook already available on your Android and iPhone, but when it comes to computer, it comes to first on your Mac device. You have been experiencing with mobile, but using into Mac the screen comes larger and it has multi-touch gesture functionality. You can also sync your product around the devices through the free Zoho account.

That’s it.

Source: Zoho Notebook for Android, iOS, Mac   Via: Beautifulpixels

Try Dropbox to Restore All Your Settings Into a Mac Computer

When you buy a new Mac, you need to go to setup and installation, the same way you have to fulfill the settings on your old Mac. You are the people how it’s not coming much easier when you get download files, settings, preferences. The Jacob Salmela displays you an easy process with Dropbox to restore all the settings.

The idea came out to use Dropbox to restore all of your settings on your Mac. From this, the feature includes ssh folder, QuickLook plugins, fonts, Atom plugins, OpenEmu and more. When you are using this feature, it will connect to the icloud, but at the same time the Dropbox meet all the requirements with maximum of controlling features. To do perfectly, sysmlinks to different folders, and make ready script and set to restore all the settings. The feature gets you a curled, but you need to Dropbox instead of Apple features, if you move to Salmela site you will get to know for all things.

Via: Jacob Salmela, Lifehacker

OneDrive Introducing a New Free Space Feature for Photo Saves In the Latest Beta App

Yahoo gives you a 1TB backup storage for your photo, but at the same time if you are using OneDrive to take a backup of your every photos, now you are able to save a lot of space in your phone memory. When you start uploading a maximum size of 1GB and more the OneDrive beta app will ask you whether you want to keep the local photo or not.

This feature will follow some other photo apps what they are currently they are giving now. Through on this OneDrive, you are able to drive all of your photos in any condition, so you don’t want to keep the photos for all the time. To make more space all you have to do tap the notification and you are now cleared the photos and made a more space that comes with a single option. At the moment the app OneDrive gets you a beta app, whether you want, you can go through a sign in the beta app. That’s it.

Source: OneDrive  Via: Android Police, Google+

Steam Games Is Now Set to Move a New Installation Folders

Steam Games Is Now Set to Move a New Installation Folders

You can do manually to move the installation folder for Steam any moment, when you move the game folder it gets you a real affliction. A video game industry and digital distribution Valve ready to sort out those game folders with few clicks.

The game folders can be saved from the download around the part. If you have installed a new local drive and you want to move a new game folder. The feature, it takes totally different to move game folders from Stream, which brings you to move every single folder, but the following process takes only few of game data not a entire game storage.

To create a new Steam Folder:

* Click Steam

* Settings

* Downloads

* Steam Library Folders

* Add Library Folder

* Click New Folder

* Set the new name and Click OK and Select to folder option that you have done.

To change the Steam game folders to another place, here is the simple process:

* Find a newly created folder and make right-click on them

* Properties

* Local Files tab

* Move Install Folder

* Move Folder button.

That’s all.

Via: Artem Russakovskii / Google+, How-To Geek

How To Rename Your Email Headlines on Gmail

Google’s Gmail has customized option in plenty of ways, whether you go through settings or adding third-party application, here you can see the one it gives you a nice settlement on your email message. Whenever you receive the email from the sender you don’t know the subject and who’s the one it is? When you open the email the subject headlines don’t attract you and it makes you more worst thing. Rename Email is a new chrome extension lets find out those important usages through installing on your browser.

Once you have installed the Rename Email, you can choose the email at the same time open the message. On the top of the middle you can find the Pencil button which stands between Delete icon and Folder icon, once you click the Pencil button which indicate Rename the subject, continuing this you need to create the account with CloudHQ between Gmail account once it get confirmed, edit the subject of the email headlines and press the ”Rename” button.

That’s it.

Source: Rename Email  Via: Producthunt