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Sharing link in a Dropbox easy way, first of all you need to open an account from Dropbox.
After that, Log in your Dropbox, From the menu which you save a files or folders in Dropbox. Once you finish the arrangement you can send the link from anyone whom you have an email address, IM and more service from you want. While Recipient they click the link will get the instant preview of files or folders through their desire browser.
But if you send the link of the video, the recipient will get the video clip up to 15 minutes of preliminary show. If you need to watch full length of video, you have to download the file of the video.

Share Link from the Windows

    • Once you finish installing the Dropbox application on your Desktop or Laptop


  • From the Dropbox you just right click the file and click Dropbox content—>share link


Share Link while using the Website


  • Select the file row, which you want share link



  • Find out the share link button on top of the bar, which will be highlighted with the blue color
  • Once the link was generated , the windows preview page will appear.then you can copy the link from the address bar and paste it on your email to your friends.



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