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It is an easy way that you can move your email message, Contact and calendars from Gmail to Outlook.com or Hotmail. Do with all this Work, TrueSwitch is a free web application service, you can copy from anotherAccount of email from Outlook.com.

Enter to TrueSwitch:
Enter The email address and password of the account you’re Copying from.
Next enter the email address and a password, which You are going to copy to (@outlook, @hotmail or @live.com).
[Screenshot Credit : TrueSwitch/Outlook.com]



Option what you had like to copy your Outlook.com Or Hotmail

© Copy your email messages, address, Calendar and inform your contact person About Outlook.com or Hotmail address and you can forward your email from others Maximum 90 days to Outlook.com or Hotmail.

To start this service you need to Select any one of check boxes. Finally you can give up copy to Outlook.com or Hotmail.com.

Note: Doing This operation your email, Contacts and Calendar won’t be deleted from another Account. To finish this operation TrueSwitch will take a maximum of 24 hours. After That you can see the folder as a Gmail_Mail. That’s it.
[Source: Windows]


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