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YouTube videos normally work with good length without buffering, Sometimes the video may go down, So in the meantime you will take action with a pause button to finish the final videos.

In some region they don’t have high speed internet connect to watch millions of videos on YouTube non-stop hit. This also we can say the reason of getting slow connection on YouTube Broadcast. We step down to stop this story. Let’s have a look how the YouTube Videos work fine with slow connection of bandwidth.

The Chrome extension Smart videos for YouTube care you if you receive any issues from YouTube video getting slow. Here are the same features that care you.
[ScreenShot Credit : Syed Ali]
    • Control Videos on YouTube


  • To maintain Buffering while video play



  • Video Quality



  • Decide Player Size



  • Control all embedded Videos



  • Notification gives Desktop and Sound



The videos from embedded or HTML5 videos works all relevant sites or direct from YouTube videos. Your YouTube videos can set to play with Global preference to load the page immediately choosing videos to play; it can set automatically the buffering percentage of videos. When the videos start it will calculate the videos to know the estimate of time just hover your mouse on YouTube playlist. Normally YouTube videos have default video Quality or you can set with Global preference. Here you can see all YouTube videos have the loop option to start to play videos. To maximize or minimize your video screen having with enable or disable button on Smart Video from YouTube.


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