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Firefox users can share their content and new technology from msnNow within their browsers

A new stylish add-ons came on Mozilla the makers of the Firefox browsers that has launched recently with lots of content…



and new trends to watch people on the browser to search social network and many websites you can see straight from the browser. 
The beta version msnNow on Firefox which you give to the users, while msnNow sit on the sidebar as add-ons and you can view browser on the web.

MsnNow makes you easy convenience to stay up to date with Firefox browser. You can share your content via browser with more reliable Facebook, Twitter and Breakingnews.com, so you can get the hottest news, which you connected with a person.

At this stage Firefox users can get up to date their social activities and new advance tech news via on top of right hand sidebar msnNow icon click once that’s it.

The interesting things you can get from Firefox browser and you can find more service from msnNow via browser. That people what they says.

If you are crazy user of Firefox then here it is to add-on msnNow on your browser engine. Show you breaking news and social activities on msnNow to Firefox. 

[Source: msnblog.msn]

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