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To start your website quickly from your desired web browser, it will not come to an easy way. First of all you need to touch the content on your address bar then slowly it will take you to a website page…

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This will take you to open the website depend on internet connection.  So we need find some shortcut way to sort out the problem. How it will come to you’re the table. We have recently found one awesome Add-ons in Firefox browser with single click mouse user. You don’t have to do your finger to put on your  keyboard, it’s all about mouse device manipulate.

What kind of features are available in New Tab Plus:


First, you can load your site with fast and lightweight tab more than faster.

The available four Dial styles, you can choose any one for your customization tab selecting any websites go to. Cloud wallpaper gives you expression to change the background of your browser themes with 9 HD wallpapers categories.

One click option, your computer can sync and backup with multiple account. And more features are like to add more URL as you wish with the old URL on Dial style board. Extension program which you can keep or uninstall the software.

The bookmark is the keyword that keeps your content whenever you need it will release somewhat you are looking for web.

The most important things is your local weather report gives with small screen display inside shows your place, date and time, Celsius read your weather by detecting from IP address.
[Source: newtabplus]

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