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If you are a serious Tennis fan? Then you can find some top player winning list to find on this application. For these apps you can search your favorite Grand slam tournament, ATP and more Tour will list from top to end. Like the same app there are so many of the applications are hovering around the ears store. But you have to install every tour as per calendar list on your mobile phone. This could take enough time to run and watch the game scorecard live.

Without having anything you can bring all together, what you need to shake up with every new update, whether it is single player or tournament it will bring you up to live score card on your mobile device with an a free app. In this app you can get a live scorecard, statistics, sees the player’s ball by ball preview, player’s ranking, and select more highlight videos from previous matches. When you download a live score Tennis app it’s come as a black and white combination. You feel like as an iPhone device.



 Key features:

More than 5000 players and 1000 tournament around the world are tracking lively shows in this app.

The app lives some top most tournaments like Grand Slam Tour, ATP, WTP and more ranking list.

You can watch previous match and player who are going to win the match as per poll rating by the audience.

Allow to use fast notification each and every game.

The developer brought some new output in this new version the game score now change to match feed section. More bugs fixed from previous version to the new edition without uninterrupted watch Live Score Tennis on your smart phone division.

[Via : Addictivetips]



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