Chrome: If you do all day to day service in online, or doing everything individually logging in to Entertainment sites that Save your personal details, and if you want to skip out those service extraordinary sites.

Justdelete.me is a chrome extension that works as a directory of links to the web page, where you have dumped into Hundreds of thousand online accounts. These projects came from two UK based developer Robb Lewis and Ed Poole Where they have created the resource, it’s truly undisputed application. This application made in the simple concept that Users can go through to popular web sites via link where you have to deactivate or delete unwanted online account. The Developer highlight from Justdelete.me the links above are color coded to display the hardness of step to delete the Account. It comes with the Dot mentor like Green, Yellow, Red, black and each color helps the customer to delete unwanted Online account. As we can say the site is very useful to delete unwanted online account to visit individually rather than bringing the whole sites in one underneath, it might you change and relief from confusion.  Via: techcrunch

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