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Chrome: We always secure our files and folders, after creating text and you can save on a computer. In most cases we are not attention about hackers, when we face some major accident regarding of loosing docs, they are going to Keep track your files and folder which is going to make worst service for you.

In this situation you need to protect your text message with encryption and generates a shorten links to share, those who You believe they can open with identity. But some time they fail to open the docs because of big and lengthy URL links They don’t know, what kind of Link to predict. In this situation the chrome extension secure and demolish after view.

Lockify is a chrome extension, your personal message will be kept as a encrypted on the device. After that the Link can be share to believe whom, meanwhile opening the link of docs from well know person, you have a an authorized key to make end of your forum and also you can see which recipient watches how many times was opened by person. Creating encrypted data link will be deleted from the Lockify server after using once or viewing three days at the time.

Lockify is going to bring some major updates:

You are able to track your Lockify links, the recipient can get authentication number via registered mobile number, Before there is a limit for link expire, now the developer going to add extended link expiration. While sending the link your beloved one, if the link is suspicious you can rename and to alert them.

Lockify says the chrome extension is still in beta version, and right now guest users can access the extension. That’s it.

Lockify | Chrome Extension

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