A Sony Entertainment has released the mobile support apps iOS and Android. Users Who are avid in Playstation with full of Experience that they can use your Smartphone device. The game that connects with full features to your gaming Friends and if you like the game that play you every time, choose your games from the Playstation Store to connect in to PS4 games console at the house.

While installing Playstation App on your mobile device, you will receive some
Great features:

From the game you can watch friends can Play togather, make differentiate trophies and able to view your profile. While chatting with your friends, you will receive Notifications, live game, and encouragement. You can connect Playstation app into PS4 console system. Bunch of collection available on PlayStation Store to pick Up best games and add-ons to link with the PS4 system in the home, in-app screen you can Control the system, from the app you can find out easily PS4 model, handbook and Daily update news search into Playstation blog. All the features you can get from PlayStation app easily.

Source: PlayStation App for iOS / Android 

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