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Pandora announces a new Alarm clock system on iOS device and jointly adds iOS 7. The app allows to download from the App store. The app arouses with new alarm clock on Pandora music library. When your alarm clock getting low, the background music lets you start to listen behind the screen, also press the snooze button with continues music theme, if you don’t like alarm sound then switch off by tapping into a music or to visible artist profile on the main screen. You can set snooze timer 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes you can increase. When the snooze timer automatically activates, your music will pause, and your left over time will start until then your alarm goes offline repeat.

The previous update of the alarm clock on Pandora, added to fall asleep with your favorite music. These both features now added and it is highly recommended from the iPhone users.

Note: Pandora says they are busy in time to schedule arrival of the alarm clock feature for the Android support device. That’s it.

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 Via: thenextweb    Source: Pandora radio 

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