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I have much interested to inform every single user about iPhone apps, that brings a variety of app into our gadget and fulfill everyone, while using the iOS device, you have to know the useful application of fundamental. Let’s take a long breeth that you have to know about the new arrival app hits silently in App store everyday. We don’t know which is going to be knocking the door, if you take around the web, there are plenty of editor or blog owners posted an article on their sites, which is similar to me. Since I am watching around the app store which is the best of my knowledge I will pick the app and upload on my websites. If my selection is not suitable then hear me to future update, Now I am going to push some impressive app from the iTunes Store, that really you like it. Free Fastkeyboard, Dragon Dictation, CardMunch, GateGuru, Mindjet, Scan Pages, Image to Text App these are the topic now I am going to explain on my websites. If you want to tell us anything, we will welcome below the comment box.

Fast Keyboard:

Fast Keyboard is a text editor that support special key content to establish with two rows extra keys, added numbers, symbols, unicode, advanced symbols and more features are used by this app. It syncs to Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking sites. Edit, Create and Save the file format as you wish, add many tag files, Search the best content that you need, Email the text keys, and also a number of items

Fast Keyboard

Dragon Dictation:

The app contains voice recognition to find the text. In this way your voice brings text and email messages as well. No use of keyboard typing, just say your words. Best text can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Variety of keyword that makes you full list, automatically corrects your voice text and more.

Dragon Dictation


CardMuch connected with LinkedIn. In busy schedule the app turns a business card holder into as a contact, integrated with LinkedIn. All you can find the new contact list using single press only. The new facility displays your contact much faster issuing the card name, it will support to shoot images in lower light, on the iPhone you can make sort of contact list in the setting and make useful features.



GateGuru is a Tripadvisor company, and it connect into more then 200 airport around the United States, Europe, Asia, and rest of the world. The app allows to enable to view the travel with Tripit and KAYAK itineraries, and all you can access through security and available clean image through surrounding of airport and terminals.



Mindjet was specially integrated for iPhone device. It can create task, taking notes, visual maps, Instantly creating maps or import maps to Mindjet into cloud storage. Easily using finger type slide, Finger action do create, edit, copy and paste and finally delete the topics from the maps. Mindjet using cloud storage to upload folders and docs as well. And also Dropbox and Box enable to sync the map after some alteration through from the Mindjet Maps. Finally, you done the job make Drag and Drop method available.


Scan Pages:

Use your iPhone as a mobile scanner and easy convert image to PDF docs. Scan Pages regulates your delete images will be clean with advance technology, and also change into PDF files, which will take into Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, and share email box. To access this app no need registration.

Scan Pages

Image To Text -OCR:

Image To Text app support to extract the image from eiditable ASCII, and you can share Email or Evernote. The app gives free service and there is no sign up. Take an image from your iPhone and extract the text from the setting and you can share email to friends and all. The app help only for English version.

Image to Text OCR

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