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If you have a Smartphone using a WiFi device, it’s a big problem to hold the battery fuel to long hours. WiFi Matic is an Android app that restricts your mobile WiFi automatically to activate or deactivate the mobile system where you have been. This one help to save battery consumption through a WiFi network. After fully customization where you are like home, restaurant, office, etc., WiFi Matic automatically detects your nearest network to turn on the system and if you leave the particular place and it will turn off your current WiFi modem. The app support that wherever you need it will connect depends on the settings. Let’s move how the WiFi Matic function of the Android device with clean image we will know you.


Basically, the mobile app turn on or off your WiFi connection wherever you go, it will automatically function and there are no restrictions. WiFi Matic is an Android App download first on your Android Support device. After download and install the app. It will welcome you to act WiFi Matic. The app setup WiFi with three simple steps.



First, Enable your nearest WiFi connection to activate or deactivate from the WiFi of your device automatically.



After that your current WiFi network will be displayed and remember you later.



Finally, you have done the App setup, go back to WiFi Matic Menu. And finish to exit.



WiFi Matic menu show as default type, you can rearrange the setup with new customization like to enable WiFi Matic, Remember your new WiFi network, Verify your location, Whenever you enter into Network place it will notify you.



Set your frequency time setting 1, 5, 15, 30 minute and 1 hours, so you can bring it back WiFi network coverage easily on your mobile device.



Advance preferences make you appear WiFi network on your page that force to refresh all network activities. Turn on screen, Activate your WiFi if there are no network activities. Leaving the search engine browser it will automatically disconnect from the WiFi area. If you are using mobile data package then your WiFi network will be disable as soon as possible.



To leave from the WiFi network coverage, there is a timeout to fixed 30, 1, 2, and maximum 5 minutes as well.



There is a time scheduler to reactivate or deactivate the WiFi Matic app to make simple all.



The app depends on the mobile cell network coverage to calculate the WiFi connection and to access the signal of the nearest WiFi network, so WiFi Matic will take more time to accurately find out the job easily.

The new update brings WiFi Matic goes into Opensource 

Download: WiFi Matic 

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