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Shadow of Mordor
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Palantir app was participate with Wikia Inc, This app brings all content to deliver through Wikia community and integrated with Shadow of Mordor context, added with playing game content to support particular action and behind the screen details of personality. Palantir has advance audio sync technology to listen video clips, while play games or watch teaser with high quality, this one going to be hit on Wikia users. And also the app support to screen capture the shadow of Mordor association, when you start watching games or playing with the app.

The app provide two types: Reader mode and sync mode features:

Reader mode, you can search the content through Shadow of Mordor community with capture option. Sync mode, discover you when your watch or play games, it was integrated with Wikia users, and Palantir app support to show on time performance.

Via: engadget , joystiq

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