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Using a WiFi network into various devices for different places, and it’s a common era. When user will create the password for network it comes quite complicated. Well these password little bit hard to break, when it goes to hack the network system. Single user has never affected these passwords, but you want to share colleagues or friends, that time you don’t wish to reveal the password on their own devices. To solve the modern type of method with WiFiQR Codes.

If you like to access with Smartphone really this one good for scanning the QR Codes. All you have to do having rear type camera mobile with compatible app to decode the password. While scanning the barcode it will automatically connect and save into the device. You can customize the QR Code into color, text, email messages and print option available if you need in the future. Touch the screen on QR Code it will enable into full screen mode. To learn more visit Google Play and download it free of cost.

Source: WiFiQR  | Xda developer