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If your email Inbox was filled up with daily based you receive email letters from various company subscribers, and it keeps you difficult condition to open your important message on your e-mail Inbox. In such a situation we need advance precautionary to clean up unwanted subscribers from email Inbox permanently.

The Swizzle is a free web tool that makes function fast and instantaneous to clean up your Inbox. If you decide not to get an email letter than create unsubscribe from the sender all the time. Alternatively, you can pick up a good amount of commercial ads that you need in the future, deals and product offer etc., and all you can sit and watch the Swizzle scans all your Inbox messages for commercial purpose and you have an authorization to receive that what kind of email going to allow from sender to your Inbox.

How to start the Swizzle function?

To erase unsubscribe email from your account, just enter into theswizzle.com after type your valid email address into “Go”box, after that the pop up window will open to connect the email to sign in, then it will ask you permission to access your email account to manage some important features. It will take a few minutes to trace your email depend on your email load. Then select digest or delete to remove from the Inbox. That’s it.

Source: Swizzle for iOS 

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