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We will invite you to select the best Android Zombies games here onward. That you like pretty much the game treat like horror to increase your playing thoughts as well. Each and every Zombies game have their special things inside the menu, let you know, how they feast with you while playing Zombies on your Android Device. Now you can choose which is the best one from the Top 6 zombie game. Let me know your comments, end of the comments box.

Plants vs Zombies 2:

In this zombies game edition, Zombies will moderately moving one place to another to attack human living area, we have to defend using the powerful Plant to step down the zombies or to smash all and secure the home. If you are jumping into new level then you will see a different type of weapons, zombies, plants in the new garden. To play this you need to download from the Google Play Store.

Plant vs Zombies

Zombie Smasher:

Secure your home before they crack down or occupy your birth place. You can smash the Zombies with your finger to tap on the Zombies and it takes into the next level. So you can keep away from demonic organisms, and it is your responsibility to stay away.

Zombie smasher

Zombies Highway:

Driving your car in the middle of the Highway, suddenly zombies are attacking then take the gun shoot them otherwise zombies are flip over your car, this is a using a weapon and exploitations.

Zombie hIGHWAY

Zombie Frontier 2: Survive

The war turning against on zombies, the survivors can rescue the people from virus attack people all over the worldwide. There is a specialist doctor researching a continuing anti biotic medicine to inject on undead bodies. Until never cure it will continue to fight with zombies every day. To stop permanently, the game you can use advanced weapons, upgraded systems, specially design weapons, with sound effects and music while you are in the zombie world.


Contract Killer: Zombies

Find and kill zombies as much, you can calculate undead creatures. You made an offer to kill the zombies with a contract killer. Through using  an advance type of weapon to clear the zombies group from affected city. When you are involving the game use zombies weapon, and it includes rifles, guns and grenade launchers to swap out.

Contact killer

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