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Quip screeenshot
Quip is a Word Processor application has unleashed a new update for his Desktop PC. Now users can create many document copies and a search to find files. The quip developer made an announcement that these features are coming soon on to the Android and iOS devices.


From the quip application, users can create copies of a document from the template or right click on the thumbnail or if you are an end user then go to the setting menu on the top of the screen page. After creating the docs thoroughly, you can share “Clean” version of the documents. Additionally added two more features, you can bring search box on the screen page by simply press the button on your keyboard (”/”). After the search box will appear automatically same like Apple’s Spotlight search without having search ideas it will make faster to view the documents. The Quip was boosting up simple thing to find out the all documents through on active base.


Finally, Quip made a nice keyboard shortcut to make faster into the document area, simply hit the Cmd for Mac and Ctrl for Windows to display all keys on your main screen.

Source: Quip   Via: thenextweb 

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