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Best Free DVD Ripper

DVD ripper software is used for encoding different file format into DVD disc or converting various files, So you can set up the files into Smartphone and laptop system. We have taken around the web that best free DVD Ripper software for Windows Desktop and mobile version. It can help for free of cost and it has minimum accessible for the requirement of ripping the files into different type of files. After converting this tool, you can able to change the DVD ripped files into iPhone, Android support system, TV, MP 3 and much more.


DVDFab is a DVD ripper and DVD converter that can do rip DVD and convert DVD disc. And the service brings any popular file format like iPod, Xbox, Smartphones and multimedia players. DVDFab has a UI and strict output encode very easily. Additionally, it was adding a new file format NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quik Sync and all it comes faster. New or existing users can get easy experience and it gives full results.

DVDFAB screenshot


Handbrake is an open source video converter from this you can change any type of modern files, large quantity of codecs. The software is a Multi-Platform for Windows, Mac and Linux based. The tool has an advance quality of files output range and input files without containing any copyrights items. And also a live video preview and more.



MediaCoder is a multi transcoding software tool, which is take it out input and output transcoding file format. Every new feature is updated with weekly basis, and it gives a full of free version. If you are going to use this tool, it might not become easy handling, because the product which give quality and excellent. The software supporting the popular audio and video file formats, and appreciate audi and video content filters, Mostly the software works faster to transform MP4 in seconds.


WinXDVD Ripper:

WinX DVD Ripper is a free DVD ripping and convert DVD to MP4, iPhone, Android and more file format. The software helps to cover DVD to seal into hard drive to store huge quantity of files. And also rip the copyright items to copy DVD with free. WinX DVD Ripper shows an advance technique with free audio and video functionality and makes super faster encoding service. The application supports some top portable devices and video formats.


Factory Format:

Factory Format is a multilingual file format that supports audio, video and images. This software tool enables to convert video into Smartphone device with various compatible packages. It works really simple those who have Apple’s iPhone, Android devices, Nokia, and much more.


Free Video Converter:

Free Video Converter is an unlimited free access software there is no hidden charges. The company says more 200+ input file format support to convert any type of files easily. Using online video service, it can rip the video files into MP4, AVI and more. The tool allows to burn video files into high definition file format like blue ray system, it comes free and it can burn DVD continuously up to 40 hours or running time. Video subtitles settings and video customization for editor purpose for any devices. In this software there is unlimited service available to access. Try it out.


Please mention your feedback below the comments box. If you know there is a new freeware software for DVD ripper than let me know to update.

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