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If you have a nice Windows Phone, you can keep always in touch and find out some amazing thing all over the world and the main reason that will affect your routine life. In this part Weather is a common factor that will chase our daily life.

The thing is, there thousand of Windows Phone apps available specially Weather app that which is the best app to suite your eye-catching Nokia Lumia series all the time.

We have taken special round up through from the Windows phone to select the free app that gives a bunch of quality for Windows phone device users. Seriously, it comes simple and the user interface to know everything that you need it.

Let’s welcome to our free Weather app list by selecting which is the best for your Nokia Lumia device.

Bing Weather:

Bing Weather app makes schedule hourly, daily and arrange current Weather report forecasts. This one designed for the Windows Phone device. The app interface support to the users to find out your nearest location and images. You can search the place which seems to show bad weather that you care about it. Update forecast channel, Check the forecast, where you want to go, it all comes on to the way.

bing Weather ScreenShot

Moon 3D Weather:

Moon 3D, free for helping for astronomers, fisherman, hunters and more over else. It has live title option to sign in for time sets, calendar preview with moon grid. You can customize as you like all available in the app. Language transition available in the app to work in this Weather app.

Moon 3D free

Weather Forecast:

The app will support daily and weakly based service. It gives up to 7 days of temperature list, local and city guide, weather and weekly based humidity service all, it come absolutely free of cost.

Weather Forecast


The app has some advance transparency to show nice weather on the Windows Phone. It makes enhancement each and every time, weather guessing on time by accuracy. Adding all over the city in the world wide. You can view local and international weather report details as much easy.

Weather Screenshot

Weather View:

The app support weather to find out temperature up to 10 days to get a clear report, And its enabler for the users local and cities around the world. It was included three types of forecast views and some features are added in this application. You can customize easily in this app.

Weather View Screenshot

Mo Weather:

Mo Weather app was integrated with Windows Phone. And its collect the weather data daily as per schedule, when you start travelling or business level tour, Of course this app definitely will support all the way. In one single search the forecast details will be highly upto 11days, you can save the data. The app brings live title and lock screen function on the main screen.

MO Weather Screenshot

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