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Apple’s Compressor for Mac App gets a major update for Mac Book users. The app receives some advantage and useful setting from the Compressor. It can use for customization encoding, time saving encoder, the standard for encoding works some top social network and video broadcast channel in one single step preparation. The app support any kind of file format, convert and transaction. And it requires to run the application OS X 10.9 and above version. The developer mentioned some features need internet access.

What kind of features are available Compressor V 4.1.1:

• Resolves issues installing Compressor on a system where Qmaster was previously enabled
• Improves reliability of Send to Compressor from Final Cut Pro X
• Addresses distributed encoding errors when source files are not on the startup volume
• Fixes errors that could cause a hang when submitting a batch
• Fixes a stability issue that could occur if multiple Compressor plug-ins are installed
• Resolves an issue when viewing a plug-in setting without the plug-in installed
• Includes general stability improvements

Source: Compressor for Mac

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