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City My City
City My City from the maker of LEGO, adds a new smallest game comes with bunch of collection in a one application. In this game you are the super hero to plan and catch the crooks with the super fast car. Receiving fire alarm from your nearest building keep out the fire and send the rescue team to save the people from the shark.

The game has 7 mini level games allowed by LEGO developer. This game was made for the 5 -12 age between children and also no advertisement and available in- app purchase facilities. And very soon some update is going to beat the City My City online game with LEGO ID, with this your earned points can be spent with vehicles and building on LEGO City My City with LEGO ID. The game was not only prepared for children and youth talent guys also can play in the competition with your friends and colleagues. That’s it.

Source: LEGO City My City 

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