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Quip App brings a few new updates on Google Play Store. The developer Hand out some important features and number of functions are coming more easily to access individual items on Quip App interface by the users.

The app was named with a modern word processor that will be available more App Markets, to access this no need log-in procedure, Import docs, contacts and background update features all from your Smartphone device.

Quip app was before it’s circled inside the U.S region on Google Play, Now the app spreading over to the people around the world. As per update the app available right now outside of Google market like Kindle Fire Store, Yandex in Russia, and 360 Mobile Assistant in largest Chine market.

Quip App v 1.6 Start with no need account requirement and straight away
you can enter to type the words, after creating the docs, if you like to share with anyone then the app requested to add your conform email address.

It has an editing facility that you carry a lot of files and documents on your third party application like Evernote, Microsoft Word, Dropbox and Google Drive then no need to worry the Quip imports all of your documents from the cloud service to edit or share the app through from the your Smartphone or tablet PC. If you like to bring some changes in the documents, then the app support all file formats. But if you are professional in Evernote then easy transition will be made in Quip App.

Currently the app runs his update behind the screen, In the meantime the share documents will be readily to use in any situation.

Finally, you can able to import all of your contacts through from the Smartphone, Yahoo, Google, and Outlook.com or Quip App. This feature Definitely works between your friends and colleagues to share and connect Every thing. And the company mentioned it will not email any users contact Without permission inside the app.

Source: Quip for Android  Via: the next web 

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