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Tidy Screenshot
If you have a bunch of Photo collections on your Smartphone to bring
Improved size of album type of books, then Tidy is an app that really
Support the all kind file format and the dimension of Photo size it pins togather in the albums.

Tidy’s main function, it will collect all Photos from your mobile device and
Makes it easy customization automatically show times, location and etc,.
Taking Photos different location and wider place. And your image comes
With group based on the whole day, month and the year.

Tidy having the photo’s to make group normally and it’s allowed to swipe to
Customize the photos easily. Unluckily, you can create the photos from the your Smartphone as an album, but you can’t share anymore with the people now. Just keep the photo album yourself, that’s it.

Actually, the idea came from Covworks is a web based and application development company, that support Smartphone user. And you can find more application in his underneath.

This Tidy app continuously available on Apple’s iTunes Store and Google Play Store as a free of cost.

Source: Tidy       Via: Techcrunch 

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