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Type Machine screenshot
Doing text work on a preferred app like Gmail, Calendar, Calculator and more apps that you have installed on your Android device. During this way the whole word format will erase out, but if you are far from this action to control word from the Android device.

Type Machine is a free Android App that you sit back very quietly back up every single word, where you have been typed that again to reclaim the future.

The app does all entries to saving up where ever you have been a type of App. This makes you very simple to open previous text with all sorting out the app. The Drag option may help you history feedback with slider, old text can allow to copy them. This one mentions you never lose one text item and bring it back. Time perfection may ride to download the Type Machine now.

Let you know What kind of features that Type Machine has it. 

  • Completely automatic and seamless. Logs everything from every native Android app.
  • Stays out of the way until you need it. Simple to use when you do. Brings global undo to 
  • Safe and private. No unnecessary permissions. Allows you to set a PIN lock on the history list. Automatic deletion of old entries.
  • Configurable blacklist for apps. Type Machine won't collect what you don't want it to.
  • Tablet-friendly user interface.
  • Run at startup for scheduled automatic deletion

Source: Type Machine for Android  Via: Android Police 

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