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image Credit: Cloudconvert

image Credit: Cloudconvert

The Cloudconvert web tool has received a another supporting service to the file conversion, it means that anyone interested through on a website with a particular title or topic that need to bring a printed text size of paper, then users has to stay and choose the URL links to convert PDF then easily can print the web page.

Not only for print process and it also to save into drive as a PDF file for later viewing. This is not the way to get the print straight to PDF rather than you can take screen capture from the web. The web tool was integrated with webkit to make render the technology as same it looks a website using Google Chrome or Safari. These are simple that you can convert your favorite web page to PDF, but if you feel some scratches on web PDF file then it put’s to hold on advance mode. They have set the page size, which direction that you want to stand your file to take print out, Margin alignments, brings high quality images and more. When you start this process.

After have done this step you can find some advances feature inside the body:

Page Size: Set the page size (A4, A5, Letter...) for the resulting PDF
Page Orientation: Orientation of the PDF (Portrait or Landscape).
Margins: Set the top, left, right and bottom page margins of the PDF.
Images DPI: When embedding images scale them down to this DPI.
Image Quality: When jpeg compressing images use this quality.
Disable Javascript: Do not allow web pages to run javascript.
Javascript Delay: Wait some milliseconds for javascript finish (default: 200ms).
No images: Do not load or print images.
No background: Do not print background. Makes sense if the website has some background color/image and you want to print the PDF later.
Use print media-type: Use print media-type instead of screen. This will use the printer-friendly layout of the website, if available.
Enable Forms: Turn HTML form fields into PDF form fields.
Low quality: Generate lower quality PDF. Useful to shrink the result document space.
Grayscale: Generate PDF in grayscale.

Source: Cloudconvert  Via: Cloudconvert.blog

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