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Where you want to stay, which is the best hotel and where it is? All this information you can get or find through on Booking.com this is a fine iOS app for your Smartphone device to know all the information where you are and where ever you are searching the best place to visit all over the world.

It may find you the cheapest hotel with different type of deals, hotel, villas and more with free Wifi facilities. Allowing to make booking with securely using a credit card. All bookings are saved into automatically and view to later as an offline mode. Helping customer with 24/7 service through out 40
Languages. Booking.com works on all kinds of devices like PC, laptop and Smartphone.

Booking.com stepping into a Version 6.8:

If you have an iPad device every single moment will be highlighted with reminder once you set last minute call to check out your staying room.

In this app you can find your location and living place while you are choosing Google Maps.

Source: Booking.com for iOS


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