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Image Credit: Quip

Image Credit: Quip

The modern document for migrating program Quip jumped into version 2.0 with lot’s of features and handsome steps, it’s made you very simple with publishing the docs with link based and no need to install the program or creating an account. Within you can share your docs in private or read only Option through on Twitter. The new updates brings a search engine option to find the text easily from the document using with operators with the handy type mobile device. It has made a new layout to access any type of menu to search files at working condition. That you made any documents from the Quip you can export into the MS office Word into easily.

Quip version 2.0 New Updated Features:

  • Full-text search — Search over all messages and documents.
  • Document publishing — Share a link to your document that anyone can read without installing the app or creating an account.
  • UI redesign — The new interface includes better navigation, improved chat functionality, the ability to “pin” documents to your desktop, and a custom keyboard for @-mentions in documents.
  • Microsoft Word export — Convert any Quip document into a Microsoft Word file.
  • Source code figures — Embed source code snippets in your documents.

Source: Quip, Quip blog  Via: the next web 

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