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Now a day, we can see most of the mobile phone and tablet PC are running with the Android OS support device. That nearly are competing with computer desktop. As we are going to see RAR and ZIP files, how they are going to work through the Android support system. If you see about .rar is a powerful archiver that brings your backup files, lower size email file attachment and extract files. The second one is zip it can contain huge files into one single zip folder and later you can unzip or unload easily through the internet service. Which are file do that. This one is their job that they bring bulk archive files in one single folder and easily extract files to come out.

B1 Free Archiver:

B1 screenshot

Is a free file archiver with this you can take anywhere on your computer or mobile to use. And you can try on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Android. Larger type of file archive can extract with B1. For Android mobile user B1 supports very much and get easy solution. It can decompress any type of file format through Android device. Encrypted files can protect with 256 bit AES, so the intruder can stuck to view and read the file by using a password. Easily search files through archive folder, to know the processing of data, it will notice as a notification area and closing web page it works behind the screen. File creation and editing also will do with B1. Once you install on your mobile you feel much better and it’s worthable in near future implementation.

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip:

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip screenshot

In this free utility you can’t get much more facilities, but it gives you very few that useful for your file protection. The same tool you can install which comes with pay version that gives huge type of functionality and very few file format that will support. It can support all rar file formats and keeps data protection. The Free license holder can receive low end zip compression and the full version comes with large compression method and secure file protection. Premium users have permission to control the advertisement. And the process of extracting the file time maximum three minutes only.

Z Archiver:

ZArchiver  Screenshot

Android support Z archiver to manage all kinds of archive and extracting files with simple functionality. From email attachment you can spread into a small file by unzip or extracting data. To perform the action just click the filename.

AndroZip File Manager:

AndroZip screenshot

AVG lab’s AndroZip file manager support to organize the data, multimedia files, copy, delete, extract files, encrypted files and folder through on a mobile device that same function you have done on the computer PC. It has advanced file decompression of ZIP files with AES 128 and 256 protected. The Mostly AndroZip file manager gives preference to the tablet PC users. Through task manager easily can take backup, installation of the smart phone. Reduce your heavy memory and device of resource from the main task menu. In the paid version, you can access SD card very deeply, long pressing tabs are allowable.

RAR for Android:

RAR for Android screenshot

RAR for android is a multi service package. You can get to use free, fast compression file program from the basic level. RAR and ZIP are the production from the RAR for Android application. It’s recovers any damage file that you missed out ever before. Latest edition RAR5 has a unrar function for all types of serial.


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