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If you are an office administrator sending daily mail to the client, if the email message is read to know. Through using Chrome support Gmail, MailTrack.io is an extension that shows your email is read and indicating you with double ok check mark.

It is a tiny extension read mail. Once you open the Gmail account, sending all of your email message will track by MailTrack extension. Whether it is read or not.

To know the read mail, you need to look on your Gmail sent box which you shows with single green ok check mark. If the recipient seen and read the message, then the single green shows up with double ok check mark that’s the way we can understand it was Successfully delivered to the recipient.

You can set up easily on your Chrome web browser to run Gmail. It has a simple setting to go around the function. MailTrack only works whether you are in Gmail account. Any message you are composing from the Gmail, it’s all track by MailTrack. If you move the mouse cursor onto the ok check mark the read message details will be highlighted.

Source: MailTrack.io  Via:addictivetips, Lifehacker


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