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The web platform StreamNation was released shutter camera app for the iPhone supporting device, supply unlimited photo and video sharing in cloud storage management, the filter option and files are running behind the app screen. And this app service becomes free for everyone to download on your Smartphone. Let’s welcome to iTunes Store on-board.

The app provides to take photos and video through in the app settings, and the data will not store in mobile devices. And it will connect directly to cloud media management. While you offline mode, you can access more than 200 photos and videos easily.

Shutter app makes you very simple to share unlimited photos and video through email or social media networks. And the feature also available on the web based StreamNation. You can take backup files for future purpose with secure mode. From the camera app you can share videos to watch with Airplay or Chrome cast device. If you have any doubt about the files that Shutter files are connected into StreamNation cloud management. This one can help you to bring your photos and videos into the original file format which you have taken from camera device.

The photo and video sharing app Shutter has 35.7 MB download file and support iOS 6 and later.

Source: Shutter for iOS, StreamNation   Via: the next web 

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