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Simply you can create your most interested start page, which is brings news feed, weather report, search particular websites, sports, stock exchange, personal home links, online shopping and more through from the start.me.

In this setting, open your favorite web browser, you can go through a particular page to visit every detail with a one click option. In this way you can add some officially and personal things on the main page or secondary page. And also rearrange and delete the pages.

Through start.me you can access all bookmark lets, easy multi page creation, get notification from the email and social network. Theme facilities or you can upload from the computer desktop, browser support like chrome extension, Firefox add-ons and safari. start.me works when you are out of internet with laptop, PC, tablet PC, Television and smart phone device.

More than twenty widget supports that more useful things and share docs easily to the worldwide. Saved items can be import or export at any situation. Finally, your saved bookmark and feeds will be secure with online support. You can bring and manage all things into the start page to save more time.

Source: start.me  Via: Ilovefreesoftware 

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