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Microsoft’s Xbox Music App now released a new feature updates through on Windows Phone. This is the second update plan within a month. The developer recently unleashed a new version 2.5.3884.0 has some important option that came from the user requirements and it was given up from the new release.

The app brings all of your music collection in one simple app. At any time you can play and rearrange of your privacy music, user’s can buy songs easily from the Xbox Music Store. And if you have Xbox Music Pass than lively can search and download the music files. These all things you can get easily on your handy Smartphone device.

Xbox Music App updated logs:

  • Audio scrubbing is now supported! Slide the track progress indicator on the Now Playing screen to advance to the spot you like.
  • UI fixes to improve visibility of content.
  • Smoother FFW and REW animations.
  • Bug fixed where songs are incorrectly removed from playlists.
  • Fixes for unexpected app exits.

Microsoft mentioned in this update there are more features have to come live as per users. Below are the major logs that have to come in near.

  • Continued focus on stability and performance improvements.
  • Initial sync of local and cloud content happens in the background.
  • Usability improvements in Now Playing screen.
  • Support for greater than 100 songs in Now Playing queue.
  • Faster loading of long lists.
  • Swipe gesture to advance songs on Now Playing screen.
  • Transparent Tile support.
  • Live Tile support.
  • Design and layout changes to get you to your content faster.
  • Kid’s Corner support.
  • General UX improvements.


Source: Xbox Music.uservoice  Via: Winbeta 

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