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To run a website, language is the most important tool in world wide web. Most of the website that runs xHTML and HTML 4, over the course the developer brings a new concept to change inside the web using with HTML 5. It has much enough potential to support multimedia and graphics capabilities. Not only that, it will support old versions. It runs on most of the browsers and the Smart phone platform, allowing speed function and simple taking connection with many other applications. Now, most of the web developers interested to show their website with HTML 5.

As far as I did through website to collect from our users to give HTML 5 support websites for model, so they can do next or will they can improve more from here.

The Expressive Web:

betathe expressweb screenshot

Black 5:

Black 5 screenshot

Cheese Please:

Cheesepleasegame screenshot

HTML 5 Readiness

Html5 screenshot


lab 4 screenshot


luhsetea screenshot

Green Campus Guide:

macquarie screenshot

Netlash Project:

netlashproject screenshot

CSS Pitch Pitch Desk:

pitch screenshot

The Amazing Spider Man:

theamazingspider screenshot

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