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Reading newspapers is our daily habit, now a days there are many technology devices came over through to make it easy to get anything. But our traditional life never goes under estimate. At present people eager to catch something they want a new one. In that way, Newspapers are staying in their own way, if you look for digitalize Newspaper then Apple’s app store giving millions of news apps that most accessible and convenient to search any type of article like hot news, sports, weather and more you can find them. This is not an answer to the title post. We came to you to explore the best news app from the iTunes Store.

Yahoo News Digest:

Yahoo News Digest is an iPhone supporting app brings all important news topics and news reader to know every current situation. The app delivers per day, twice a time, so all news is organized and compiled with key notes. The resource has taken to present the small kind of information they are images, videos, maps, and others. This atomic service gives special content to the news app. Basically, the stories are coming with algorithm with clear content on the top.

Yahoo screenshot

Newsbeat Radio:

Tribune Digital Ventures Newsbeat Radio is a streaming radio app on iPhone, Which topic you like that only you listen and rest you can skip to. Set your favorite title on the playlist and news bit. While listening news you can change any topic that you want it. Get weather reports, traffic jams on your nearest location and sports information. The app can connect into car speaker using with Bluetooth device or cable connection. All it comes to enjoy. Easily you can share article to your friends on your Social network, text, and email service.

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Inside.com – Breaking News:

Inside App is a perfectly suited for mobile device, and stay to inform more news from the world. The app brings hundreds of top trending news and stories before they arrived. You can customize your favorite topic as you wish. Swiping left side your news comes up to date and send it to archive folders. Auto display profile setting, which topic you love that will be staying in the app. Push notification hits a hot news and breaking news on the doorstep.

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