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BitTorrent is a P2P File Sharing distributor for the large amount data transaction through internet. The collection of 50% internet traffic all over the world. BitTorrent not only famous for his file sharing data rather than users can do uploading and downloading music files, documents, videos, ebooks, software, Education and more through on the web. Still people are loving to get eager. BitTorrent has some copyright issues from the publishers, where they are linking up original content without seeking permission from the copyright holders. This is the big issue for them. The Rest of the function is ok to access them easily. We have found the best 3 Windows support free BitTorrent sites.

The Pirate Bay:

The Pirate Bay is a torrent website and it was born in 2003. The site has a capability to link up with the BitTorrent protocol for file sharing service. As per statistic the most visited peer to peer site in the torrent directory on the website. The site mostly allow to search with Magnet links. These are the one convert files into torrent files to start downloading the original content. Easily can download BitTorrent files from the server starting small to large files could be done.

Thepiratebay screenshot

Kickass Torrents:

Kickass Torrents was founded in 2008, that support torrent file and Magnet links to deliver peer to peer file sharing using with protocol server. The main headache for Kickass Torrent for the copyright issue, due to the concern the domain name was changed in Kickass.to for world service. Some country they blocked the site for high responsive growth to the website. After breaking these kind of controversy still leading to the top.

KickASStorrent screensot
The Finland based Torrentz site is a part of BitTorrent that was managed by Flippy. Most of the files are included in various part of torrent sites and it suggests to track torrent files that are not available in the main server. Anyone can access his UI settings, the auto base search engine content that people find similar to the keyword. To do, you no need to register before searching the content.

Torrentz screeenshot

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