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Google’s YouTube is the Video broadcasting and sharing content all over the world. If you like to upload and watch video through internet connection, it is the place anybody can write on this platform. Before you can do whatever it is, but now it’s difficult to handle the one you did on YouTube before.

There are lot of term and conditions came over to the users at the moment. YouTube lovers have more chances nowadays to watch videos some other good site which is ignored by YouTube site. If you look for alternative sites, here is the best video sharing sites that similar to YouTube, Where you can upload and share the videos to any websites and blogs.


DailyMotion is the second largest video sharing site next to the YouTube. DailyMotion offers various of content with title. And it will allow users to create videos with perfection, high quality video clips and more interesting features. The site doesn’t allow to mixed wise video clips and it put some restriction to the users to upload and watch to video with limited period and also you can watch trending videos on the top of the home page.

DailyMotion screenshot


While you enter into the home page Vimeo ask you to register with your name and email ID, Once you finished, you can scroll down with your mouse device, you can find some good video clips that picked by the staff. You can’t find any ads while watching video start and the ending point. On this site you can upload video smaller size of the clips, but if you wish than it comes as a Pro account. Vimeo Plus Pro offers up to 20GB weekly storage, the creator can put privacy settings, upload high definition videos and there is no advertisement in between videos.



Yahoo’s Flickr is mostly used for image uploading by the users, but there is a one more service that you can upload video clips also. Many users they don’t about this feature. To get this service you need to sign up or sign in with Yahoo, Facebook and Google account, it’s enough to access Flickr for photo and high quality video to share. The free account gives 1TB memory space or if you need more than Pro account gives you unlimited storage service. In Flickr you can’t get enough features for videos. It looks like an ordinary video vision.

Flickr screenshot


Vube the newly arrived video site was landed last year, within a few months the site listed in the top 100 sites in the world. You can search videos easily on the home page and you have video upload facilities once you finish your registration or if you are Facebook, Google+ and Twitter member also can access the video site. This is the perfect video that you can use for alternative of the YouTube site.

Vube screenshot

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