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Normally, We use file browsers through on computer desktop version, because a huge amount of files and folders we daily carrying on this way. But now we have come to hear that the mobile device is more than other things. If you see Android support file browser that you can see on Google play store. And it comes free and pay services. Today’s world, it’s important to ride on the platform. This one is used for end root users only. Some mobile company they install third party application for long agreement, so used to make popular around the clock. And it comes very fast and famous one of the internet market.

ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer screenshot

ES File Explorer is an Android support file browser, thinking about you to bring any files through this process and you can do it through on smartphone and ES file most of the time it’s helpful application. The app interest into local drive, network system and cloud based file manager with integrated multimedia, content viewer and theme settings, unwanted files to clean from recycle Bin, and root file browser and more. ES file users never feel anything, to access, manage and store files freely. These could be happen through mobile and let it share to another. And this will connect with Wireless and mobile internet to get the service, upload photos and videos to share them to friends. ES file app builds some most wanted features that you can try it. The application search faster to find photos and videos through from the storage place and you could easily close and open the application.

File Manager (Explorer)

File Manager screenshot

File Manager has freshed with User Interface and anyone can access easily from main settings, the files are shared folder, FTP and cloud based service are available in the main page. With three types of public icons that support more than 80+ Variety of files, toolbar and menu list. Multi screens support with more languages. You can cut, copy and paste it any file folders, and you view two type settings they are List and grid of file explorer. The app has compressing and decompressing facilities into search and share files available.

Astro File Manager with Cloud:

Astro file screenshot

The app shines like an ES file explorer, this one is a free service to all Android mobile users. It has a feature organizing, viewing files and retrieve deleted items like multimedia files and folders. The app saves files all into backup folder that was in-build, you can manage all files and folders if they stored anywhere in the directory. Astro support more than eleven languages, including Chinese also.


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