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Many years Computer PC is the team leader and caretaker of the tech world. The world rotates like tech rotates every year, you can find new arrival products and invention. These are happening now a days. In that line, now we are going to see about tablets are now fire beat devices. A Few years back no one knows about the tablet, but now you can watch everyone they have tablet. It’s change every one that’s the magic of mantra. Now we are going to list the best 3 tablets and facilities that people can buy and use. If you know the best then no need to hesitate to tell us, which is listed below wrong. Please post your comments below given.

iPad Mini 2 With Retina:


  • iPad Mini 2 with Retina comes with 7.87inches and 5.3 broad screen display
  • Easily can take anywhere with 0.73 pound with A7 chip
  • And 64 bit architecture with M7 processor
  • It has WiFi dual band with 4.0 Bluetooth facilities
  • The Camera comes 5 MP and secondary 1.2 MP face detection with 1080p high definition video play
  • The Battery was none removal with running time 23.8 watt hour rechargeable LP battery device
  • 3.5 mm headphone minijack built-in dual and voice recognition
  • iOS 7 Operating system that mostly runs on the iPhone device
  • Most wanted application are available as an inbuilt service
  • Most viewable file support like JPEG, GIF and more
  • Language support, and most accessible feature are driving in.

Sony Xperia Z2 tablet:

screenshot 2

  • The mobile gaming tablet comes with 10.1 high full definitions
  • High reality picture engine with 1920×1200 screen place
  • Clean and neat sound system
  • The company says world’s slimmest and lightest waterproof tablet comes with 6.4mm and weight 426g as well as
  • Water proof tablet comes with 1.5 m for testing 30 minutes is the maximum time period until then you can capture image into the sea.
  • IP 55 and 58 are given dust and water certification.
  • World fastest running chip attached in this tablet Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 801 processors with 3GB speed
  • Free flow to connect all kinds of device between tablet to any other devices.
  • Xperia Z2 can capture any picture with 8MP of mobile sensor device with bad light.
  • The Tablet has upto 16GB memory and expandable SD card upto 128GB
  • Finally the tablet has preloaded browsers to run faster

iPad Air:


  • iPad has numerous technology with 7.5 mm thinner and weight that carries one pound device.
  • In this iPad installed A7 chip with 64 bit architecture processor runs very fast.
  • The battery life runs upto 10 hours standard time.
  • iPad Air supports faster to access internet in any location throughout the world
  • To select the app you can find more over at the App store, just need to press once like tapping on the store.
  • The device was integrated with 64 bit architecture. So you can use it anywhere through multi functionality.
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