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Cyber Dust screenshot
Sending message someone to badly that will never bite you, because the newly arrived Cyber Dust app for Android save your life moreover. The unstable messaging app Is now landed on Google Play Store along with iPhone Device.

The app main idea is to send text message very faster to users, Message will be deleted within 30 seconds, the message sends to secure and encrypted through connection. No chances are there if someone taken your screenshot, the app doesn’t support to give a user profile list. Sending message you can include a fun type of stickers, Gif’s and URLs and more once receipent received the message will disappear given time. You can add multi text into the photo with different type of fonts. Finally, group chat and video chat are comes later. You can download the Cyber Dust app available on Android and iOS device.

Here are the included features on Cyber Dust:


  • Have private conversations without worry
  • Fully Encrypted Messages get deleted forever
  • Messages never hit a hard drive or get stored on a server
  • Screenshots are disabled on Android
  • Pin your own sent messages to keep them for later
  • Share Photos, Stickers, & Emojis
  • Use the Blast feature to send photos, text, or locations to all your friends at once
  • Add multi-line text with cool fonts on top of photos
  • Draw on top of images (Exclusive to Android)
  • Send mass messages to custom Blast Groups
  • "Sent" and "Read" confirmations
  • Instantly connect with friends in your contacts
  • Group Chat & Video (Coming Soon)

Source: Cyber Dust for Android   Via: the next web 

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