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Without knowing your username and password of Windows anyone can access your whole data very easily. You can ask yourself how it will possible? With booting system they can enter your hard drive department with a special external memory stick. This is going to be successful for them to claim our secret data’s inside the Windows.

To secure these files you need to use encryption method. Which is the most important for you can select and encrypt the files easily. But your protecting files and the system password is to make encrypt the whole hard drive of computer system. Once you start this process it will take more time to finish the work after that your files will be safe with encrypted, so your computer or laptop are safe in condition.

If you have Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise edition then only you can do this perform, because Bitlocker available these two editions only and also it comes to Windows Vista. BitLocker provides such a thing to protect all of your files and folders through from the Drive. Bitlocker never comes as a default, so you have to do manually by passing control panel. That’s it.

Here you can learn how to perform with Bitlocker for Windows step by steps:









Image: 5



After you made the process. You can unlock the Encrypted Drive.


Image: 7



By giving password, you can open easily the drive. Encrypted files can’t possibility to access.



You can change the password or remove the password.



If you don’t want Bitlocker you can turn off from the control panel. That’s it.

14Once you start the process, you can’t stop the function in between, so your encryption  finished you can turn off from the control panel. Thank you for giving a nice opportunity. We welcome your comment below given the box.

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