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Level Money is a mobile based money machine, the app taking seriously down how much of amount are you spend the whole day and it will track the money. The bank list is expandable day by day with these connections. Using this application your account will be trapped into auto save mode. It means the whole day what you spend that will be calculate whether it is a day, week or the month. Level money comes an a electronically open money wallet.

The app brings a new updated for his version 2.0.1, that interested to bring service to the customer. The new features are balance into activities list, when you start spending money that will be in activity list and more major updates are done here over.

Here is the big list v 2.0.1:

Balance & Activity Changes
● Search and filter transactions! By popular demand, we're readded this feature.
◦ A total of all spendable transactions are displayed in the Activity list. This makes it each easier to see how much was spent each day.
● Balance details has been expanded! Tap the privacy bubble on the Activity screen to see all your balance. 
◦ Add a personalize image to the privacy bubble by pressing and holding to select a picture.
◦ Level is now easier to add additional credit cards or accounts by tapping Connect an Account on the Balance screen. No changes will be made to your plan when you add a new account.
Spendable Changes
● New Target Level feature. Easily see if your on track to hit your spending and savings goals. Tap on the monthly and weekly bubbles displays the Target Level. If you spendable bubble is above the line you're on track. If it's below you might need to watch out.
◦ Ever wondered which transactions are included for one of your spendable bubbles? Tapping a bubble on the spendable screen will show you each transaction included in the calculation. You can even edit it right in the spendable details screen.
Save Changes
◦ The Save screen is now accessible by going to Plan then tapping Autosave.

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