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If you have a multiple cloud storage account that you meet everytime to get sign into access your upload files, folders or transferring documents, it will take huge process to manage all of your things. Sometimes you miss to go particular cloud service. It can make more trouble you to manage all of your folders. By the way, we know need to take such kind of pressure. MultCloud is a web tool, you can search all of your files and folders in one schedule, so the possibility doesn’t require to sign into multiple accounts.

The service connected through an internet connection and allow to access multiple cloud account to get in one place. This one avoids you to install all of your cloud applications into the desktop or laptop device. You just need to link all of your account username and password to access into MultCloud service. This one helps you to transfer or copy the files and folder between the cloud service(Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3). Here you can see step by step how MultCloud act while you access your important files between cloud storage services.


Once you sign up into MultCloud Storage management, you have to select the cloud service which is available into the MultCloud service. Once you have selected the service.



With this service you can see the cloud storage service was integrated inside the MultCloud. Choose any one to move next process.



If you select Dropbox here is the picture that show you like that when you start the project work.



For MultCloud to get the authorization to access your Dropbox account and to add Dropbox account Click “Add Dropbox Account”.



Next, MultCloud Would like to access in your files and folders in your Dropbox account.



Once the Dropbox is Linked, below image shows you how the files and folders are available here onward.



From here, you can choose any files and folder to Delete, Cut, Copy, Rename, Copy to and Properties. All you can do, but you can’t edit files any more.



If you don’t like this account in the future, you can delete.


MultCloud brings all of your files and folders very easily by linking from the cloud storage service.

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