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Mynd the successful mobile calendar app helps to bring up a lot of information, you don’t need to involve anything, it will do all that you want it from you. If you download the free service of the app, now you will get a Mynd Premium service inside the app. This one any existing users can try through in-app purchase.

The new updated app supports current user’s calendars, Phone contact list, Evernote note creation and LinkedIn service. And also Mynd Premium available in-app paid version and more. Mynd now allow users to create and empower titles for the daily appearance, add them to custom label, color variation and icons.

More or less software they can provide very few health fitness, but Inside Mynd has such an amazing feature ability inside the calendar and monitoring how to know the daily time expenditure with electronically.

Mynd App for iOS updated with version 5.0.1 is a basic free service from there anyone can achieve Mynd Premium for paid action, before purchasing the product, users can get 14 days trial pack,. To buy monthly ($7) or ($50) yearly pack visit to in-app setting in Mynd App.

Source: Mynd for App, Mynd.me   Via: the next web 

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