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PackPoint screenshot
If you plan a long vacation or business trip. PackPoint can do everything what kind of items you want to carry for a long travel trip, whether you are going to attend a marriage party or tourist spot all it comes to you there.

The app already rolled out for android and blackberry a few month ago, but the Wawwo developer did not make delay in releasing this app for the iPhone mobile device. Right now the app well designed to iPhone hardware only. PackPoint helps to traveler make sure your luggage fully customized before you go anywhere.

The app asking your question, “where to”, date of travel, length of stay and the type of trip and finally you have to select the business trip or leisure. Next it begins with packing items, which may listed on the app (swimming dress, sport shoe, bicycling, baby buggy, World map and Weather dress) and it’s all organized and not to forget these items before you start trip. Let’s welcome the product comes with free to download from the Apple’s App Store.

Source: PackPnt, PackPoint for iOS  

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