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RingTones + HD screenshot We all know that when you buying mobile phone there is limited application are integrated by the manufacturer. Looking something special from handset, very few features are available inside the mobile device sometimes. For example, if you look for special ringtones that you want add more to your smartphone to suite your mood.

RingTones+ HD is a Windows Phone app that anyone falls in love to listen nice ringtones with unlimited free service. RingTones+ HD can search easily to download the very special ringtones which you want to add on your Windows Phone. You can get quality of ringtones through from RingtoneCloud Centre and to keep listen forever.

Here is the features and improvement list:

  • Download unlimited free ringtones
  • Search for music for any ringtones
  • Browse exciting content in the sections Featured, Popular and Newest.
  • Search with instant suggestions
  • Search ringtones in more than 30 categorie
  • Option to add favorites without downloads
  • Share your favorite ringtones with friends
  • Sync your favorite ringtones to the cloud

The updated version brings High Definition ringtones to the Windows Phone users.

Source: RingTones+ HD  for Windows Phone 

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