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TimeSnapper Screenshot
TimeSnapper is a tool that stands behind the Windows desktop to capture every single moment of the images. Once you press the play button, it acts like a movie. And you can just view it the whole week of the moment. This one keeps alive if you forget the past one and time that brings up for you.

You can play the TimeSnapper with crucial steps:

Once you download the software on your computer, within the second you can open on your main desktop screen to make an adjustment. Once you press the record button the TimeSnapper will sit in system tray and it’s start taking your desktop images background of the screen. And you can watch the full day of the snapshots. To know whether it is working or notyou can find with a red X mark on the camera icon.

Notice: Once you finish the project you can find the green and red stripes that shows how they recorded earlier, which means the green will highlight you that you continue working with your project and red one you are out of the project. So this one helps you to find easily which is the part that you want to visit.

Source: TimeSnapper Via: makeuseof 

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