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Unified remote is a mobile remote control application, you can turn your smartphone device into a Wireless mode to access the computer lively from the phone machine. The app connects any operating system to control from the mobile. Until then there is no issue to use.

Unified Remote support all mobile and desktop versions to install like Windows Phone, Android and iOS device, Computer desktop and more. In this app more than seventy plus programs added to control all the system devices. And also adding hardware integration in the future update.

If you don’t want to control directly, then Unified Remote app is there to do everything possible.

Unified Remote Available Features:

  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • IR Actions (full only!)
  • Quick Actions (full only!)
  • Widgets (full only!)
  • NFC actions (full only!)
  • Custom Remotes (full only!)
  • WiFi (TCP/UDP)
  • Bluetooth
  • Easy server and app setup
  • Comprehensive server manager
  • Automatic server detection
  • Clear connection troubleshooting
  • Custom/Android keyboard support
  • Single/Multi touch mouse
  • Hardware volume control
  • Quick Switch using swipe gestures
  • Quickly change servers
  • Auto-pause media for phone calls
  • Homescreen shortcuts to remotes
  • Wake On Lan
  • Server password protection
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Voice commands (full only!)
  • Samsung Multi Window (full only!)

Source: Unified Remote 

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