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If you look for education app then you can find it easily on specific site, but when you decide to do list for best app from the store, it’s hard to make open statement. Many new apps are arriving daily in store because of user based interesting. Let’s talk about both free and paid apps, what is the difference of between two variety of apps. We have listed some free and Paid version apps that immersive look into the iPhone and iPad mobile device. Let me know, what kind of education app that you have been using since on your iPhone and iPad device.

Lumosity Mobile: (Free)

Lumosity Mobile has been used by 50 million users so far, Challenge your brain with scientific games, and increase your daily project with subjective games. Improve your memory playing with games, and check your brain progress, how it was strengthened. Set your goal in weekly dose.

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Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free: (Free)

Duolingo has given full opportunity to learn language for forever. And it’s coming free of service. This education app makes you more fun when you leveling up with your friends.

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iTunes U: (Free)

iTunes U is the easiest way to learn and get the full experience on the iPhone and iPad. Though this app you will receive complete course from famous universities and high schools. And the app provides digital catalog to learn free text through from your iOS device.

iTunes U screenshot

TED: (Free)

The official app TED for iOS device presents the most interesting people for education extremist, tech editor, business leaders and music legends. You can view more than thousand plus video on TED talk shows on both of iPhone and iPad mobile. Find your entire video library through browsing, when you out of internet connection. The app support more than 90 languages directly runs own video player or it will support AirPlay to view all of them at your home.

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Blackboard Mobile™ Learn: (Free & Buy)

Blackboard Mobile Learn is an education iPhone mobile app, that keeps all of your courses to take with you, wherever you go. The app allows you to access free of charge, if you need more service then unlock with lifetime package. Using with the app, you will receive push notification of your subject, check the grades that yours stands, you can easily import files from the Dropbox. Finally, you can send comments to the blogs and websites.

blackboard Mobile screenshot

Fit Brains Trainer: (Free)

Fit Brains Trainer is a brain training & a fitness app that support three hundred plus games and special training class that all well designed to empower your memory skill. faster, full concentration, focus and Problem solve.

Fit Brains screenshot

Endless Alphabet: (Buy)

Over fifty most interesting words that you can learn and play with and Interactive spelling puzzles come to life. Additionally, delightful animated monsters illustrate and reinforce word definitions from Endless Alphabet.

Endless Alphabet screenshot

SkyView – Explore the Universe: (Buy)

SkyView brings stargazing to everyone. Simply point your iPhone, iPad, or iPod at the sky to identify stars, constellations, planets, satellites, and more!

Skyview screenshot

Khan Academy: (Free)

Khan Academy is a free learning subject through iPhone mobile, the best way that you can view Khan Academy library videos and articles.

Khan Academy screenshot

Vocabulary.com: (Buy)

Vocabulary.com is an isolated and helpful word learning express, the app makes you master piece through learning words in a fun way and slavery game shows.

Vocabulary screenshot

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