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We need a privacy, when you surf the internet throughout the website. A virtual private network is a service that can expend their browsing service on the web and download the files directly from the server using an  internet connection. If Android mobile users how they conduct such kind of features that they need in their smartphone device.

Everyone that knows Android is a open source development kit that any new developer can create the project and apply the software into the play Store. When you start with VPN client your data will be encrypted throughout the network. That is the path anyone can use public or private internet connection with 100% surety. We have selected 5 Best free and paid VPN client for Android.

VPN Free: (Free)

The *one-click* VPN solution for users worldwide, protecting your privacy and hiding your real IP address on the internet. The servers are available in many different countries to allow to change your public ip address and also to watch your national Tv from abroad.


Express VPN – Android VPN: (Free Trial)

Express VPN is a highly valuable and freely accessible to public and private network without any compromising to the Android mobile device. The server can act more than fifty location throughout the world. Using with the app, the possibility is to make unlock any restricted sites that some country was blocked  the sites.

ExPRESS VPN  screenshot (Custom)

SuperVPN Free VPN Client: (Free)

SuperrVPN, it comes free of service through a smartphone device that support Android version. One click to enter any blocking websites.

Super VPN free screenshot (Custom)

SecureLine VPN: (Buy)

Avast’s SecureLine VPN is protecting the data from the theft using virtual encryption shield tunnel with IP technology for private and public wifi network connection. Once the service was secure with SecureLine then no one can intrude with prying eyes. Finally, it has VoIP and proxy server capable to save all data otherwise to unlock the file for situation mind.

Open VPN connect screenshot (Custom)

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